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A simple Indonesian Chinese man, who have been living in few neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore for total of 10 years abroad while studying and working for 2 years. I started my own business back in Dumai, Indonesia in 14th September 2008, after leaving my job in Singapore and letting go my Singapore’s Private Residence Status.

Graduated from Inti International University College in Malaysia, with First Class Honors Bachleor Degree BSC in Network Computing from Coventry University, UK. Worked at Compex Systems Pte. Ltd and International Application Systems Pte. Ltd. (Subsidiary of IBM Companies) in Singapore as Technical Support and latter as IT Helpdesk.

In 2011 I joined KOMISI – Komunitas Sales Indonesia, and as of 2016 December I was promoted to take charge of KOMISI’s publicity, social media and mailing list. I have basic skills and knowledge in programming, design, network, computing, photography, troubleshooting and services in IT.

As in hobby, I love to swim and cycle. I love going to the gym to attend the Body Combat classes last time, and would love to go for one too if I have the chance and place permits. I have vast knowledge in smartphone and IT industries, been constantly following the trends and the upcoming products and services.

That’s all folk.


Andi Wu, BSc (hons)

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