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Fixing Our Beliefs

Howdy, its been awhile since I last wrote something. I will try to share more often, and perhaps once in awhile in English and Indonesian language.

Since following ERASE Workshop last June in Pekanbaru, I felt that my subconscious is always at the awareness state, and met lots of Clicked Moment, which makes me recalling all the past memories, and thoughts. Well, it seems they are asking those to be fix and clear to a correct thoughts and beliefs.

Believing in surviving the economy crisis right now is “Adequate” is not right. Even when the economy is bad, there are people who still succeeds and earning more than we have. Losing money every month is not GOOD either, that means we are wasting our time and effort. AND We are not Working Hard and Smart enough to succeed in our business.

I came to think of the time of no worries few years back, and my business get to grow from month to month, until a year and after that it stays right at that spot and going up and down. I came to think again, what is actually the problem? Is it my plan to make the business autopilot, and then my way of implementing is wrong and too fast to let loose the control? And worst of all, lack of focus in searching for opportunities within that industry itself.

Believing in wrong thing, might result in wrong outcome, that we never improve, or even move. Our time is all wasted, whilst our competitors and friends are moving all the way up up up and suddenly we felt so small and weak. It is different when we first started up, we have no fear, we aimed to be better than the competitors although we are new and fresh. Having this kind of thoughts and bravery all the way up is supposedly to make us stronger and better. If we lose this spirit, then we are done.

So, lets check our beliefs, see whether it is right or not? Check with your friends, your mentors, your seniors, see their perspectives, and judge yourself. But out of all, act it out, fix it, and CHASE the broken DREAMS. Its never too late to rocket your way up higher than before. Afterall, being in the ordinary level makes us learn and get slapped all the time, now its time to WAKE UP, and Believe in the Right Way.



Dalam mekanika klasik, momentum (dilambangkan dengan P) ditakrifkan sebagai hasil perkalian dari massa dan kecepatan, sehingga menghasilkan vektor.

Dalam Kehidupan sehari-hari, ada kalanya pergerakan kita sedikit menurun karena sedang down, ada juga pergerakan kita terasa sangat lincah dan semangat.

Belakangan ini saya setiap hari bersyukur kepada Tuhan YME atas setiap hari yang dikaruniakan kepada saya dan keluarga, dan dari rasa syukur tersebut saya berusaha untuk mengisi hari saya dengan hal-hal yang positif, menebarkan semangat-semangat positif kepada orang-orang sekeliling saya, dan tentunya berusaha lebih giat lagi dalam mengejar impian saya.

Ketika Anda sedang berada dalam Semangat yang Tinggi dan hati yang berdebar-debar mengejar impian, manfaatkan “Momentum” yang sudah tercapai tersebut untuk terus menyelesaikan tugas-tugas dan hal-hal yang belum terlaksanakan dari dulu, di mana sebagian kemungkinan belum pernah dicoba dalam mencapai impian/target Anda.

Saya bersyukur hari-hari saya di awal Januari kemarin penuh dengan pembelajaran, dan di Februari penuh dengan Action yang menyelesaikan satu persatu kendala yang dialami selama ini. Semoga Momentum ini terus menerus bertahan, dan Hari-Hari ke depan akan jauh lebih baik lagi dari sebelumnya.

Mari ciptakan Momentum yang membawa Anda lebih dekat ke impian Anda sekarang dan setiap harinya.


Andi Wu

The Past, Today and The Future

SERUM: Masa Lalu adalah Kenangan, Gapai Impian Anda di Masa yang akan datang dan Syukuri Masa Sekarang

Semangat Senin Pagi,

Tidak terasa, Kuartal pertama 2017 segera berakhir. Apa yang sudah Anda pelajari di 2017 ini?

Ada satu pertanyaan dari teman saya beberapa waktu lalu yang isinya begini: Jika kamu bisa membalikan waktu, kamu lebih memilih hidupmu sekarang atau masa itu?

Pertanyaan yang dalam bagi saya. Saya jawab: Of Course masa-masa waktu itu, saya ada pola kehidupan yang saya sukai, lingkungan yang jauh lebih baik dari sekarang, teman2 yang selalu ada dan kita sering berkumpul bersama.

Namun hari ini saya sadar, apapun kenikmatan dan kebahagiaan yang kita pernah lewati di masa lalu, jangan dijadikan sebagai hal yang menarik diri kita dari bergerak maju ke depan melewati hari ini, dan menggapai impian kita yang masih belum tercapai.

Syukuri kondisi kita hari ini, masa lalu mungkin Indah, tapi waktu itu Anda belum memulai kehidupan berkeluarga, Anda masih muda, Anda masih banyak teman yang senasib dan seumur.

Coba lihat kondisi sekarang, mungkin teman-teman yang dulu bisa sering berkumpul, kini harus mengatur waktunya lebih untuk keluarganya.

Apapun kondisi yang Anda hadapi saat ini, Syukuri yah, dan Teruskan lah dengan penuh suka cita. Yang berlalu biarlah jadi kenangan, yang akan datang jadikanlah impian Anda agar mendapatkan hidup yang lebih baik lagi dari yang sebelumnya.

Terus semangat! Ada 3 Kuartal lagi yang perlu kita tempuh di 2017 ini.

Salam sukses,

Andi Wu

Pursuing What You Dream For

Its everyone’s right to dream, and to dream what they want to have, what they want to be. But there is a need for an anchor to make that dream possible. If the anchor is just for finding luxury and getting richer, it won’t be effective much. Imagine if you have a dream to get that 500 million Rupiah’s income every month, but not to enjoy the luxury life, but to be able to help people around you, to share some of it with the charity, to give better education for your kids and their futures, to invest and save for retirement and successors, then it might be more achievable.

And I believe God will be even more glad to help by showing you the way, guiding you through the path to success.

There must be no negativity thoughts on your dream, like I can enjoy my life if I achieve this, I can spend whatever and wherever I want, I can go drinking everynight with friends, or even pay for all the entertainment.

If you have the solid and reasonable reason for your dream, then Pursue it, Fight for it. Don’t look down or back anymore.

I hope this short article will help you all who are in trouble moving on, and have been stuck at one situation for sometimes. Like me, I have been living this enough to live’s business for 2 years and has not been improving much lately. Well, I am grateful for what I have now, I am thankful for what God has given me, the family, the business, friends, and all the time I have. But I have one dream, to have a better income, to support everyone in family, to invest for my kids and retirement, and be able to help anyone in need. I must Achieve this; This Year, and not next year, and not the year after. Start from now. Because I have the reason to.


Andi Wu

Change the World by Changing Yourself

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Its hard to change the people’s mind. Its hard to change the community to the way you want it to be. In order to change the world, start by Changing Yourself.

Tidak mudah untuk merubah pikiran orang-orang. Tidak mudah untuk merubah persekitaran kita sesuai yang kita impikan. Agar dapat merubah dunia, Mulai dari Merubah Diri Kita sendiri.

Andalah cermin perubahan yang Anda inginkan.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”
Jika Anda merubah diri Anda, Anda dapat merubah dunia. Jika Anda merubah pola pikir Anda, maka Anda akan merubah sudut pandang Anda dan Perilaku Anda. Dan kemudian Dunia disekeliling Anda akan berubah. Tidak hanya karena Anda sekarang melihat Dunia dengan sudut pandang dan pola pikir baru, tetap perubahan pada diri Anda akan membuat Anda berperilaku di luar biasanya.

Bagaimana jika Anda merubah Dunia, tetapi tdak merubah diri Anda? Anda akan tetap menjadi diri Anda yang biasanya, dengan kekurangan, amarah, sisi negatif, dan hal-hal lainnya yang tidak lepas dari diri Anda.

Lepaskan ego Anda, lepaskan hal-hal negatif yang ada di benak Anda, ganti sudut pandang dan pola pikir Anda, maka dunia Anda akan berubah menjadi lebih baik.

Abaikan hal-hal yang tidak penting yang mungkin sering Anda alami, fokus pada perubahan positif dan bagaimana agar Anda dapat melihat dunia ini lebih cerah dan bahagia.

Quoted from Mahatma Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

Build Upon Strengths, and Weaknesses Will Gradually Take Care of Themselves

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At times, I Came to see the weaknesses in my business, in me, and also in my staffs; including everyone within my visibility. I tried and tried to overcome it and fix them, but there are no results. Some people say: Change yourself before you change others, the one need changes is you. You can’t change the world.

But then, everytime I look deeper into the problems, it gets harder and has no enlightment.

And so one day I came to think of this, Why would you bother with all the weaknesses, problems that are from the inside of the people? Think from this perspective instead: What can they deliver for you? What are their strenghts that you can derived from, take full advantage from, to reach your goal and target?

Perhaps this way, we can focus on growing up better and faster. Sometimes when thinking about growing up, I always thought of getting rid of all the bad habits, bad attitude, all the lacking of these people in order to move on. But seems it is not the way.

I will try injecting more positive attitude, more positive ideas, and focus on our strengths. Hopefully in 2015 we can excel better and improve way way further than the pasts.

Just like the quotes at top of this article: “Build Upon Strengths, and Weaknesses Will Gradually Take Care of Themselves”.

Just believe it, and Act upon it. For better 2015.

Letting Go and Concept of Perfection

There are two things I am studying on lately, first about letting go, and the other one is the concept of perfection.

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Letting go, is something when things aren’t going the way you like, they way you choose, or which could start an argument or debate; that is when you have to let go and get away. No point of fighting through it, because it only will hurt you more and no one gonna win in this matter. Just an ego. No more than that.

Sometimes on the road you met stupid driver, reckless driver, lousy daydreaming driver with nowhere to go in specific, and it boils your blood. Let go, wish them good luck, and stay calm and think clearly. You have your destination in mind, are you in a rush? No? Then wait for the barriers to go away and then you can proceed. Instead of horning and cursing, letting go is way better and your day won’t be spoilt.

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And one related thing is perfection. Sometimes you feel that this town sucks, the people sucks, everyone sucks and life here sucks big time. We wish for the better, more civilized and grown up kind of community. But we can’t change that for sure. Instead we are the one that need to change. Learn to accept. There must be a balance between perfection and imperfection. No one is perfect. To make a perfect world, we need a balance. There are people who lack in certain things, but they have their good in certain things as well. Understanding and trying to help each other makes your life and community perfect.

So, if there are lousy driver, annoying problems at works, mistakes made by employees, and any other annoyances and barriers if you treat them negatively, they will keep coming, keep haunting your day and finally you will explode. Loosing your cool, loosing your clear mind, even when you try to speak clearly you can’t do it. That’s ironic. Because a magnet for negativity will grow stronger and more bad things are coming to you. That’s from the human magnet’s perspective. Stop it, get away, clear your mind and thoughts, think again from the positive side, and it will all go away and clear sky will be seen.

What a life in the start of 2014. I feel lonely, bored and no life in this community. But afterall, I need to adjust, forget the past that is so good and filled with friends. Its time to make a new one here at this very old town. Or worst of all, get away and start a new life.

Cause, Effect and Lesson


I believe in law of attraction, what you did before, resulted in an effect afterwards, and after the effect has been accepted, lessons learnt and new experience obtained.

Be it good or bad, everything that happen is for our own good, for our own development. Only if you can think of it in the positive way.

For example, in front of my shop has no bridge currently, some neighbour who has few cars but sadly no place at all to park them, park it horizontally right in front of our shop. First, we will think of it as annoyances and disturbances. He blocked our view, and blocked our business. Damn it, there are still plenty of spaces out there for proper parking, yet you are blocking our view.

When we think from the other perspective, it is actually somewhat useful in flatening the land that is not even and muddy by his car’s weight. So, our road will be flatter and later on will be easier to park.

So as to my motorcycle incident, that almost caught in accident, then followed by my calf burnt by the exhaust pipe. Afterall thats probably the effect from my fast driving out there and like to horn on dumb ass who drive like they are on vacation or honeymoon doing sight seeing. Lots of people drive at 10-20 km/h here, and it sucks. So, lessons learnt, I drove more cautious now, start slowly, afterall the engine can be saved as well from overburnt or wear. Then finding the medication for the burnt skin, been using antiseptic solution lately, until today someone pointed out placenta cream which is the better solution. And I can share it with my mom who often got cooking oil burnt on her finger.

A good cause in the end. I once imagine, if I were driving a car that time, I could have banged that old man and he probably can’t move away due to riding his motorcycle fast on turning road. That’s even worst effect which then make me thinking and see it from the brighter side.

Lessons Learnt from The Apprentice Asia

Well, this week, The Apprentice Asia has reached the 3rd episode, and I learnt a lot from few perspective: As a boss, As an employee, and As a team.

Apparently this is what we can learn from The Apprentice series. And for supervisor, you can learn the way the Tony Fernandes’s supervisors way of viewing things and analysing the staffs’ performances.

Third Episode, we learnt that choosing the right product that suits our personality and target market is very important. Like the Team Mavericks who had limited edition products and high end products, it shows that their target at Giant is a failure, but target at Sogo works out perfectly. But, it would be better if we can had both market as well, that is by managing the price and package for each target consumer. Like for Giant, perhaps they are more focus on how many units they can sell at a good value. Low selling price and good margin is what in their mind. That’s from what I see.

As per Sogo, their importance is the features and benefit of the products, and high margin. So, from the team mavericks who had limited edition rice cooker, the high end BenQ projectors and the cool folding bike, Team Mavericks can perform it really well to Sogo. And it caught their attention a lot.

Then as for the small markets chase, both team does not do as good, the girls made 150 phone calls, and only 10 approved for appointments, whilst the guys only go for 3 shops. Knowing the area really well is a must, and knowing where to go for such products is a matter of positioning the products.

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Unusual Monday Seems Good

Well, its Monday again, some people might not like Monday, as we are pampered too much during weekend. Same to my daughter whom refuse to wake up, then refuse to take shower to get ready to school. She was late for her Pre-School today. And I woke up just like usual, and started wearing a new shirt I bought during last trip, with my great pair of dark jeans.

Had breakfast at home now, for Monday-Friday, and for Today, I wear more formal to go out for an event. A socializing talk regarding the tender laws to prevent unhealtyh practise. So, the even was at 9.00 am. I am ready with breakfast at 8.30 am, wear my leather shoes and drive to the venue. Upon reaching, its 8.48am, not many people was seen. Hang out awhile inside the car, then headed inside. I was number 14 on the registration book. Took the materials, and sit at the corner back.

Time passed by, its 10.00 am and now only it will start. Very well, 1 hour late from the schedule. And I can still see people come at 10.00 am as well. What kind of dicipline is this? By this time, I would have been already working in front of my iMac, and settling some deals. Now I am seated here waiting. I salute the Army/Navy/AirForce leaders who come on time before 9.00 am.

So, it started at 10.00 am, few intro speech, then coffee break. WOOT! Okay well, now everyone go out of the room for break. I thought there was something like Coffee and pastries out there for queueing, nothing. Turn out its the snack box they are distributing earlier that are meant for coffee break. No coffee also, only mineral water cup. 😛 Then I see some people are leaving. I was thinking, should I follow their path?

I’m here already, waited for an hour, and now I go off? Will it be a waste? Then I think, set your value. How much your time worth, how much are you for an hour? So I get away from the event and got back to my office starting my work. What an unusual start for Monday right. Well, its quite good actually, I didn’t feel any tension or any manic monday feel.

Start your day with things that you love to do, or something else light, and you shall be happy to get through the day with the rest of the tasks.

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