Pursuing What You Dream For

Its everyone’s right to dream, and to dream what they want to have, what they want to be. But there is a need for an anchor to make that dream possible. If the anchor is just for finding luxury and getting richer, it won’t be effective much. Imagine if you have a dream to get that 500 million Rupiah’s income every month, but not to enjoy the luxury life, but to be able to help people around you, to share some of it with the charity, to give better education for your kids and their futures, to invest and save for retirement and successors, then it might be more achievable.

And I believe God will be even more glad to help by showing you the way, guiding you through the path to success.

There must be no negativity thoughts on your dream, like I can enjoy my life if I achieve this, I can spend whatever and wherever I want, I can go drinking everynight with friends, or even pay for all the entertainment.

If you have the solid and reasonable reason for your dream, then Pursue it, Fight for it. Don’t look down or back anymore.

I hope this short article will help you all who are in trouble moving on, and have been stuck at one situation for sometimes. Like me, I have been living this enough to live’s business for 2 years and has not been improving much lately. Well, I am grateful for what I have now, I am thankful for what God has given me, the family, the business, friends, and all the time I have. But I have one dream, to have a better income, to support everyone in family, to invest for my kids and retirement, and be able to help anyone in need. I must Achieve this; This Year, and not next year, and not the year after. Start from now. Because I have the reason to.


Andi Wu

How to Put The Punctuations Correctly

Pelajaran Singkat dalam mengetik “Punctuation” – Tanda Baca:

Sering kali dalam menulis artikel singkat, atau paragraf kita banyak yang binggung bagaimana menempatkan tanda baca, apakah dengan spasi, atau tanpa spasi, dan sebagainya. Berikut panduan penempatan tanda baca yang tepat:

Tanda Koma, Titik, Titik Dua (Double Colon), Titik Koma (Semi Colon), Tanda Seru dan Tanda Tanya selalu di tulis pada akhir kata dan diikuti spasi seperti contoh berikut:

Saya suka ini, tapi agak mahal harganya. Diskon donk! Boleh kan? Berikut orderan saya: A, B, C.
Pelayannya sangat bagus; Saya suka berbelanja di sini.

Tanda Kurung dan Tanda Petik ditempatkan di antara kata-kata maupun kalimat tanpa spasi. Contoh:
KOMISI (Komunitas Sales Indonesia) adalah sebuah “komunitas Sales” yang berdiri pada 11-11-2011

Tanda Garis Miring ditempatkan tanpa spasi di antara dua buah kata atau angka. Contoh:
Gratis Ongkir pengiriman lewat darat/laut. Pembelian Minimum Rp. 200,000/transaksi.

Semoga bermanfaat.


Andi Wu

It Strikes Me Again

Its Sunday, and I manage to sort out some work after being absent from work for 4-5 days due to heavy headache.

Today, while watching some videos on Youtube, there are few interesting videos that makes me wonder. A Tour of Google Singapore’s Office, and a PSLE community message movie called “PSLE GO” PSLE is Primary School Leaving Examination, kind like UN Ujian Nasional in Indonesia.

You can watch the short movie here, video courtesy of Youtube:


From living in Malaysia for 8 years, then to Singapore for another 2 years, I’ve learnt better cultures and attitudes. I always cheer up, and have friends around me to support while being away from home. Anyway, Do you know why we always love Singapore made Movies? Especially the one directed by Jack Neo?

Because they are Educative and Has a True Consent in reality that we need to realise and act on.

For example Being loud on kids, shouting here and there to ask them to stop or even just to sit down peacefully won’t do any good. Instead they will turn wilder. Punishment? Beating? It won’t make them any good as well.

I am watching all these going on around my community, noticing them and trying to reflect on ours, whether we have done any better? Try to avoid all these or even getting our child involved in such situations.

Children went violent from watching and mimicking their surroundings. I am glad I have friends far out there in other towns who have positives way of dealing with anger, kids, and annoyances with a peace of mind and act. I have learnt to apply them, although I can’t make them right all time, but at least I must try and improve.

To a better Family, Kids and their Futures. Watch, Reflect, Learn, Act upon it and forgone all those harsh words and world. Lets live in peace and Happiness amongst every living beings.

Living in A Small Town

Its been sometimes since I scribbles something here. Well today’s incident and what has been going on these past few weeks has made me thinking a lot.

Living in this small town since I was born in 1983, actually does me some good. Only when I was already a grown up, living overseas for over 10 years, learning different culture and living, I started to hate the way of living here a lot.

Eversince I came back from overseas, I curse a lot, I get mad easily, I get stressed most of the time. Periodically I try to adjust, but certain times things are still the same.

Living in a small town is good as in lower living expenses, lesser entertainment and shopping thus you will spend more time with family. Facilities were not complete though.

Last two week, I attendend 5th Anniversary of KOMISI which I have been following since the beginning. I met a lot of people, I get to know great people, and friends. Being me the Introvert, I can’t seems to get a long easily with everyone, just a small group of people. Although I get to know every new faces from every event. My experiences with group of friends from Palembang this year were great. I feel welcomed and even had the greatest laugh moment till tears flowing out of my eyes. Yeah, that kind of laugh is what we all missed a lot. Thank you friends.

I still have plenty of friends out there, although we were all separated by islands, towns, countries, but I do miss you all sometimes.

After coming back from Bali, I fell ill the next week. I can’t sleep well since I came back. There are plenty of thoughts in my head. Maybe I had too many dreams and missions pending.

Also Perhaps for not controlling my water intake and the food I consumed. I got heavy headache and common cold. After four days still not much improvement, I went and get another med, and Thank God today I feel much much better. I had better sleeps, lesser thoughts going on in my head.

I try to stay away from my smartphone, phonecalls, or even business matters. Full hibernation, but still my presense is needed. Without much problem, I try to take care few of them and delegate to my precious wife. Thanks to her to take care of me, the kids and business while I am away and not well.

Today I feel good, not till this evening when a customer came complaining about his dead phone which he bought last week, and asking for refund or exchange to a new one. My staffs tried their best to follow the guidelines, but being a customer who still think “Customer is King”, my staffs gave up and came up to me instead. And customer is also asking to see the boss immediately.

Being still in recovery state, I tried not to take care this matter and ask them to wait for my wife instead. But being pushy, the customer insisted. My staff has lost their patience too and called me through the phone and asked the customer to talk to me directly.

Being so pushy and claiming he is from media got me on my nerves again. I told him, do you know what age we are living on now? I have met plenty of threats of the same kind. Now do you feel your phone is important? And do you know my rights as a person? I have my rights to rest and not meeting you. If I am not in this state, I could have come and settle it up with you. Being pushy, now I am in the progress of checking with the Service Centres of what we can do to help your case. So just wait. If you can’t wait and stay wise, How are we going to show respect and serve you properly?

Seriously I can’t control much. Although I know I just have to listen to their rants, tell them I understand how it felt, I will sort it out for you, but I need sometimes.

I just can’t stand people who are pushy, wanting something so immediate, but if I tried giving it to them and in the end they are at fault, will they send my an appologies? No. That kind of customers only think one way. Even if they are at fault.

Well, I finally found two alternatives for him though from my discussions with the service center. Let this be done.

Back to the thoughts in my head these past week, what can I offer people when I meet them? What business I had that I can sell to anyone anywhere? Where do I start? Or Did I just had too many things at once? Should I just get back to IT and expand it from there?

So many thoughts, that makes my road tangled up. I have to straighten that up and made it back to Highway pretty soon. End of the year 2016 is up, and 2017 is coming soon. Chinese New Year too.

I wish all of you a good days ahead, being on a highway to success and stay at your best Health and Fitness.

Andi Wu

Change the World by Changing Yourself

Image Source: TruthInsideofYou.org

Its hard to change the people’s mind. Its hard to change the community to the way you want it to be. In order to change the world, start by Changing Yourself.

Tidak mudah untuk merubah pikiran orang-orang. Tidak mudah untuk merubah persekitaran kita sesuai yang kita impikan. Agar dapat merubah dunia, Mulai dari Merubah Diri Kita sendiri.

Andalah cermin perubahan yang Anda inginkan.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”
Jika Anda merubah diri Anda, Anda dapat merubah dunia. Jika Anda merubah pola pikir Anda, maka Anda akan merubah sudut pandang Anda dan Perilaku Anda. Dan kemudian Dunia disekeliling Anda akan berubah. Tidak hanya karena Anda sekarang melihat Dunia dengan sudut pandang dan pola pikir baru, tetap perubahan pada diri Anda akan membuat Anda berperilaku di luar biasanya.

Bagaimana jika Anda merubah Dunia, tetapi tdak merubah diri Anda? Anda akan tetap menjadi diri Anda yang biasanya, dengan kekurangan, amarah, sisi negatif, dan hal-hal lainnya yang tidak lepas dari diri Anda.

Lepaskan ego Anda, lepaskan hal-hal negatif yang ada di benak Anda, ganti sudut pandang dan pola pikir Anda, maka dunia Anda akan berubah menjadi lebih baik.

Abaikan hal-hal yang tidak penting yang mungkin sering Anda alami, fokus pada perubahan positif dan bagaimana agar Anda dapat melihat dunia ini lebih cerah dan bahagia.

Quoted from Mahatma Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World
Reff: http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2008/05/09/gandhis-top-10-fundamentals-for-changing-the-world/

Radish Cake / Kuih Lobak at Jonker Walk, Malacca – Malaysia

So, during my trip to Malacca on 1st February 2015, since its Sunday, we purposely make it possible to visit Jonker Walk to enjoy the environment which we have been missing. This is our weekly hang out place while studying in Malacca during 1998 era. We used to cycle inside this street too, which is impossible nowadays cos its getting more crowded.

So, we have few targets when coming to Jonker Walk. One of it is this Radish Cake. I remember there is auntie who used to sell it. Perhaps now is replaced by her son, since the location and business machine is still similar.

This is located near the Geographer Cafe, right in the middle of Jonker Street. When I walked by, the cook is not around, all I see is this auntie cutting the radish cake using fishing line, and I just gave my order to her. Some girls passed by, wanted to order but not noticed and ignored by this auntie. So they both were looking at each other, looking at me as I Was standing right in front of the stall. Perhaps they wonder, wei? what we do now? How do we order? People ignore us lah! Eh but that guy is standing there waiting leh, maybe he is ordering too, lets just wait. Perhaps these are the conversations in their mind at that time. LOL.

Radish cake

So, after awhile, the guy came by, got order spoken by, and so we paid for our order first. Then I continue to watch from the back. This is the perfect spot as I can capture the cook, and also the customers. Would be perfect if I had a DSLR with me. But Oppo Find 7a is nice enough to bring this beautifully captured photos, although not that sharp.

Kuih lobak / Radish Cake, yummy. Had it at Jonker street, Malacca Malaysia. Had a chance to see the making from start. The first one to order, till the crowds came in. Stay tuned for the next photo when the radish cake is ready. #radish #cake #lobak #kuih Continue reading Radish Cake / Kuih Lobak at Jonker Walk, Malacca – Malaysia

Nando’s Chicken – Boneless Chicken Breast with Three Beans Salad

So, had a chance to visit Nando’s again on my visit to Malacca on 1st February 2015. Had lunch there by myself, had a very nice juicy chicken breast: butterfly-cut, flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. I really enjoyed it, despite the three beans salad which is kinda too much. They should not differentiate the regular sides and fino sides for set meal. If you choose regular sides, you will get 2 sidelines, if Fino sides you only have 1 choice.

And I had this Cytrus Bliss for drink, which consists of Refreshing mint syrup, grapefruit juice and Sprite coupled with the ice cubes and fresh mint leaves. So refreshing, especially after walking through the hot sun that afternoon. Perfect companion.

Till the next post. I think I gonna make this a food blog soon.

Build Upon Strengths, and Weaknesses Will Gradually Take Care of Themselves

Image source: VeryBestQuotes.com

At times, I Came to see the weaknesses in my business, in me, and also in my staffs; including everyone within my visibility. I tried and tried to overcome it and fix them, but there are no results. Some people say: Change yourself before you change others, the one need changes is you. You can’t change the world.

But then, everytime I look deeper into the problems, it gets harder and has no enlightment.

And so one day I came to think of this, Why would you bother with all the weaknesses, problems that are from the inside of the people? Think from this perspective instead: What can they deliver for you? What are their strenghts that you can derived from, take full advantage from, to reach your goal and target?

Perhaps this way, we can focus on growing up better and faster. Sometimes when thinking about growing up, I always thought of getting rid of all the bad habits, bad attitude, all the lacking of these people in order to move on. But seems it is not the way.

I will try injecting more positive attitude, more positive ideas, and focus on our strengths. Hopefully in 2015 we can excel better and improve way way further than the pasts.

Just like the quotes at top of this article: “Build Upon Strengths, and Weaknesses Will Gradually Take Care of Themselves”.

Just believe it, and Act upon it. For better 2015.

Short Updates

Howdy, I guess this blog has become more boring and less frequent. Shall try to find something good to fill up and be useful, since I dropped theuseless.com blog and moved on with this.

Well this year, I managed to leave my seat and go for KOMISI 3rd Anniversary in Jakarta, and its my first visit to Jakarta again since 4 years back in 2010 during Toshiba’s 50th Anniversary at Kempinsky Hotel Indonesia. Two years of KOMISI’s anniversary was missed since I didn’t dare to make a move. This year, I feel the strong pull to move me out of this comfort zone.

So finally I made my move by purchasing flight ticket way ahead, departed and earned the experience that is priceless and of course the friendship from all over Indonesia that is not easy to get just by sitting down in your hometown. And afterall, I get to see Indonesia in different perspectives. All this while, I learn that there are still plenty of illmanered person in my town, and when I go out of this province, arrived in another island, I see different way of people behaving and living. It seems like everyone was focussed at their work, their doings and manners in order to survive. But perhaps that is just another perspective from me, and it might be different with people from Jakarta.

As what the proverb says, the grass is always greener on the other side. Enough of the whinings, I should take things easier, more positively and then I can move on in a better way. My mind has told me to act positively, but the mouth and body is still not listening fully. Gotta practice more, clear all the negative thinking, learn to accept things in positive manner, and see from better prospectives.

Afterall, there are still lots of things to be done in my life. Success is never enough when there are better things than it. Good is never be enough when Better is still posible.

You Can’t Blame the Environment and the Community

I love Tuesday. Why? Because on Tuesday, I get to watch my weekly Yowamushi Pedal anime new release, and 7-8am we got Smart Talk by James Gwee at Radio SmartFM Jakarta. Start the day with great motivation, add some entertainment in middle, and finish off all the tasks by end of the day.

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Yesternite, we watched a Singapore Movie, called We Not Naughty. Its about family, school and life full of angers and violence. But in the end it tells us what is the lessons to be learn from that movie. At time it get me frustrated and anxious. But in the end, lessons learnt.

One thing I still remember that is being said by the teacher to two of his students who were about to indulge in gangster’s jobs. These two students were not being cared well by their parents and family, and they were always looked down upon. So, the phrase for them is: You cant blame the community, the environment, your parents and your school for what you have become. If you do wrong things and get jailed, can your parents replace you? Can your community replace you? No. Its all depends on you, what you do and how you can do to be better for yourself. Its about how you focus on your journey, rather than the surroundings, about how you adjust.

Afterall, my life is kinda upside down lately eversince the holiday. I once read today online that if you are angry very often, you will get bad symptomps to your health such as gastric, anxious feeling, every little small nuinsance will get you mad, and even heart attack? Well of course I should stop getting angry and not getting heart attack. Afterall this anger is something building up over time. We never know when it will strike.

So, what I should do now is ADJUST, Get AWAY and FOCUS on my life, family and career.

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