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Tips and Tricks when Giving Birth Overseas (in Malaysia)

So, we had our 2nd baby delivered at Malacca last week, and its my 2nd time dealing with all the documents process necessary when having baby overseas. Below I jot down few points and steps for some of you who might need this. Be sure that this guide is written in November 2013. The steps and requirements may change from time to time. As this year, its a little different from year 2011 when I had my first. But some things are easier now, some things require more documents.

Enjoy. Hope it will be helpful for everyone, and me as well if we are going to have our third in Malaysia again in the future. Do share this to your friends in need.

o Best time for operation always early in the morning, so we have enough time to make the birth certificate. Ours was at 11 am, quite late and can’t make it the same day for Birth Cert Application at local JPN Malacca. Preferably 6am, or 8am. Check with your doctors. Some can’t make it in the morning as they have routines that can’t be avoided.
o After the mother go into surgery room, proceed to waiting lounge and inform the attendance that you are expecting to enter the surgery room
o After surgery, go back to nursery to check for the baby or ask someone to standby, and can go for lunch in turn. Because its gonna take sometimes until the mother is back to ward (1-2 hours). And baby take turns to be bathed and put back on their cot.
o Your task is to wait for birth notification letter from the hospital and signed by the doctor. Make sure to tell the nurse at nursery to bring the letter into room or call our phone number if it’s ready. Try to ask for an estimated time.
o Don’t rush; sometimes it may take one more day to be done, so birth registration at Malacca shall be done the next day, as they might need a photograph of baby as well. Marriage cert, passports and the chopped in date, both original and copy
o Take rest, enjoy the moment, go take picture of child, send to photoshop for printing and it shall be ready in 10 minutes. White background necessary, make sure face is straight, preferably eyes were open, and whole face is visible.
o Go for coffee break while waiting for the photo printing, and it will be ready. Make sure to take more shots, and no editing needed. Else, might need to edit yourself on your smartphone or laptop.
o Reconfirm with taxi to KL when the birth cert / letter of Birth is ready at JPN Malacca, and make sure don’t be lazy to ask. Just don’t care much for any annoyances or bad encounters, as we have an important tasks to do. Be more matured
o Letter of Birth at JPN Malacca done, make copy at 7-11 for 8 copies just in case
o For rest at ward, ask for foldable chair and blanket from nurse, to be collected from a room beside baby’s room. Bring jacket, and long pants, because its going to be really cold in the morning. You could also opt to take rest in Hotel, if the room is sharing at ward, and your wife can take it alone at the hospital alone.
o Put the chair back at the corridor the next morning.
o After passport and birth cert is done at Embassy, drop by return ship or flight ticketing counter to buy ticket, then send passport for chop at immigration the next day if its already evening.
o When going to KL, make sure to wear proper clothing, and shoes. Pen is a must to prevent any urgent need later on. Lots of scams and people trying to get in your way by selling stuffs and making it hard. So, be prepared.
o Depart by 5am to KL Embassy, reached around 6.45am, queue already about 30 people
o Gate open at about 7.30-7.40 when enter, straight away proceed to queue counter to take queue number. Don;t have to queue for forms or whatsoever. Wait till the counter is open
o 7.44 got my queue number, the first in line. Now wait for door to open
o 8.00am, waiting room doors opened. Wait inside for counters to open. For “surat pernyataan lahir” SPL (Birth Cert) is at counter 5. Waiting room entrance for us is the one in front of the washroom.
o Later on, for passport, go to special counter no. 15 for senior citizen, pregnant woman, with kids. Its special for your baby. Payment is done straight at every counter you are dealing with. (2 counters: 1 SPL, 1 Passport)
o Settle what you have not before while waiting. Continue reading Tips and Tricks when Giving Birth Overseas (in Malaysia)