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Life Lessons and Assignments

Been reading a lot lately about life assignments, life lessons and how to have a positive attitude against your surroundings.

Been through a lot since new year. All the changes that I have to kick start and make it a lifestyle to live through. Some are hard to start, some don’t last long.

Sports, I like sports, but have not had any since new year. Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Swimming trunk, dumbell, and all sorts of equipments, I had them all. But fixing a slot in between the daily routines is troublesome sometimes. Plus the rainy season which prevents me from cycling when I feel too, and its not raining when I don’t feel like cycling, and so on. See, there is a fight inside myself against what I wanted to be. I know all the way to go through them, but just to be able to stick to it is just so hard lately.

Have to really move my lazy ass and stop wasting too much time in front of computer.

Business wise been quite okay for a start, planning all sorts of programme and promotions to get more and more loyal customers, and definitely a returning customer. Management wise, still need some delegations, more staffs that are capable of doing some of my work. Customers nowadays are really hard to pleased. I guess we can’t pleased everyone. As there are certain people who are not in the same boat as we. They think differently, they never look far or even think of what will turn out after they purchase certain goods. I always make sure all the products that I sell are good quality, reliable and not a fake goods that gives high profit, but trouble later on. We try to be honest in giving services and providing goods to people. But some are just really taking advantage and still comparing here and there. Sometimes, just a small goods that cost nothing, not even 10 USD, are being compared a lot.

If you want guaranteed goods, good quality, not a scamming price, we provide that! We are going to prove it step by step until everyone realized. Our marketing campaign going to work for us for sure.

Money seems to be never enough, spending increases during these festive months, and Chinese New Year is coming near too. Consumptive lifestyle is not an option for me now. Unlike during my working day in Singapore. 🙂 Really missed shopping till you drop kind of feeling. Workout till you flood the floor. Eat all those nice healthy foods. All those kinds of feelings. They are nice though. I do dream of them sometimes, and feel really nice about be able to have them few years ago. 🙂 At least, not I have to fight for it too. Make it my destination.

Just jotting down some random thoughts during this boring weekend. There are piles of work to be done, but I am not working it through during weekend. Playing Clash of Clans all day long. Can never got bored of it apart from waiting for the army to be ready. So, that’s all for now. Gotta update this blog more. And start my reading again, and some sports routine, healthy eating lifestlye, and money making ideas. 🙂

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Lessons Learnt from Tony Fernandes – CEO Air Asia

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

I never know who is the CEO of Air Asia, although I have flown with their airlines. Till yesterday, while scrambling through the channels on the local cable TV, I stumble upon the show called: “Face 2 Face with Desi Anwar” Featuring Tony Fernandes. Desi Anwar has been well known for her seniority in media, and been very fluent in her English. So, it caught my attention. Upon watching further, I stucked with it and HAVE to stay focus on the topic being talked about.

It really caught my attention, mostly about how Air Asia has grown from a 250,000 USD capital low-cost flight company, into a multi-million Dollars PROFIT making company. Few statements that I tried to remember clearly are:

  1. The biggest asset in your company is “The People”
    Without these people that can grow together with your company, it won’t be able to go up high. Hiring is important. Education background just states that you are educated person, but not necessary a willing and passionate about a job that is trusted for you. People that are passionate, willing to grow, dare to prove themselves, and REALLY delivering, is what really needed. So, that’s what I’m going to get for my company, and for the existing, to polish them and motivate them to grow together.
  2. Air Asia started with the CEO from Music bacground, and small capital with low cost. Their focus is on Volume rather than Big Value. Giant companies or the existing companies tend to look down on these kind of start-ups, and through that, Air Asia prooves that they have the way. Its one of their benefit, and they fight through it and prooves that you can excel even without High Capital and Connections through the governments. Finding ways through where people thought its not gonna work.
  3. With low capital, how they done their BRANDING? Branding is one of the most important aspects in a company, together with “The People”. So these two are the MUST HAVE kind of aspects. CEOs of Air Asia go everywhere wearing their Caps. They walk from apartment to Office with their Caps on. They attend any event with their Caps on. What Cap is that all about? Cap with Air Asia Brand on it. They value their branding. Air asia owned QPR Football club, but before that, they invest their money during their early business in Branding through Manchester United. Air Asia sponsors Manchester United with 7 AirCrafts. They cost a lot. How they gonna get profit from this high branding investment? From there, its the “After Effect”. Through that, people are starting to be aware of the BRAND: Air Asia. And so they are now here, being Top low cost carriers in Asia.

South East Asia or ASEAN still has lots of opportunities and growing market. Its the best continent for investments and starting a new business.
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