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How to Cut Mini and Micro Sim to Nano Sim for your iPhone 5

Most of you should have gotten your iPhone 5 already isn’t it? And some countries like Indonesia might not have Nano-Sim ready available yet, at least we know Telkomsel has started their Nano Sims Pre-orders. But how about the other operators?

Luckily for you, there are proper guide below to show you how to cut your sim card to nano sim. Whether it is Mini Sim or Micro Sim, its possible. They said Nano SIM is much thinner right? It is really small difference in the thickness. In some cases you don’t even have to slim it down with sandpaper or whatsoever material. A member of our local Mac community has tried cutting down his SIM Card without making any changes to its thickness and it can fit into his iPhone 5 nicely, although it is slightly tight, but still able to be inserted and ejected out. So its safe.

Anyway, better still if you can laid your hands on the real nano-sim for better looking SIM Card probably, and you can start getting the NanoSIM Adapter for just in case you need to move that sim card to other phones.

Source: http://www.airportal.de/nanosim/

You can download the PDF file from this link here or go to this link: http://www.airportal.de/nanosim/How_to_cut_Mini_and_Micro_SIM_to_Nano_SIM.pdf

And finally here is the video of how to cut the mini and micro sim to nano sim for your iPhone 5: Continue reading How to Cut Mini and Micro Sim to Nano Sim for your iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 – The Most Amazing iPhone so far

Apple just released their iPhone 5 few weeks back on their special event, and 21st September people around the world are getting the iPhone 5 in hand. Some queued the whole night to get from the local Apple Store, some preordered theirs online. Lucky for me to have gotten one, and waiting for hands on.

The current issue when you are about to use it in Indonesia is the new Nano Sim Card that is not available in the local operator yet. However, there is a good news that operators are starting to ordered their nano-SIMs, and have opened a pre-order for Nano-SIMs for apple fans in Indonesia. So, no worry, stay tuned, be happy and patience. For your information, Telkomsel Indonesia has opened Nano-SIM pre-orders at their site: http://telkomsel.com/nanosim. For those of you in Indonesia and have already gotten your iPhone 5, you may go ahead to pre-order the nano-SIM now, and if you are using other Operator, you might want to check their website for any news of the same.

And for you the adventure type, you may want to try to cut the normal SIM or micro SIM to Nano SIM by following some guides here –> click. But, do make sure to try with a new prepaid card incase of failure and there is no guarantee that it will work most of the time, as Nano-Sim is said to be 15% thinner. Continue reading Apple iPhone 5 – The Most Amazing iPhone so far